Why am I running?

I am running for SGA President because I am sick of the young people in this country not have a voice. Democracy doesn't "trickle down," it grows from the grass roots up. It is unfair to keep having the same people in power all the time. As if to say, just certain students are more important than others. I am running so that we can all have a voice in this institution.


Student Government


Most of my life I have been a part of various student governments, beginning in the 4th grade Student Council.


I was even Vice President of my high school, Precision High School, in 2008.


I have been an SGA member every semester I have attended CMC since the 2013-2014 school year.


I even took a break from CMC and went to Colorado Mesa University where I was a representative there, gaining experience with Robert's rules, and overseeing multi-million dollar budgets.




I have been an activist since I was I was 12 years old, when I began protesting the war in Iraq in 2004.


I gathered 2,000-3,000 signatures each year for Sensible Washington's Marijuana Legalization campaign, helping legalization get on the ballot, not once, not twice, but three times, until it finally passed in 2012. (It was voted down TWICE, but we never gave up.) Washington and Colorado both, passed legalization legislation in 2012.


While gathering signatures for Sensible Washington, I registered hundreds of young adults to vote.


 Here at Colorado Mountain College, I wanted to make a change to the handbook. I began advocating for Medical Amnesty around on campus, and found that many students supported my idea. To give our "voice" validity I started working with the non-profit, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and formed a local chapter on campus. We began gathering signatures, and then converted our petition into an online petition. As a result, they are finally placing a medical amnesty policy in the 2018-2019 Student Handbook. The SSDP Roaring Fork Chapter will be submitting a drafted version of the policy to represent the Spring Valley in the Summit over the summer, where they will choose which draft to work from.



National Politics


I changed my independent voter status to caucus for Bernie Sanders and then went on to be a delegate for him and the county level.


Student Advocacy


 I have helped over a dozen students prep for meetings with the administration regarding the adjudication process, and both ResLife and Financial Aid appeals.

There was only one student I could not "save." Everyone else whom I have helped, have been able to successfully continue their education here at Colorado Mountain College.


You can always come to me if you want help with appeals. I have been through every appeal process at this college, and I can help you create a better case.



Campaign Promises


★ I, Madeleine Kamberg, promise help you, the students, see through any issue you may have. That means helping your follow the proper channels, and advocating for you when those channels do not work. Let me fight for you.


★ I, Madeleine Kamberg, promise to help you reach out to your representatives. All you have to do, is let me know your full name, and what you would like to be heard about, and I will write a formal letter on your behalf, that you can send to your local representatives.


 ★ I, Madeleine Kamberg, promise to represent the students, even if I do not agree. I will never sell the students out, and I will never sell out my integrity.


 How else can I have my voice heard?


In order to give students a platform to voice their concerns and opinions about policy, I started a political talk show on Radio CMC called the political power hour.

You can email your concerns to be aired at CMCpoliticalpowerhour@gmail.com

or you can call and leave your comments at

(970) 444-2CMC





I'm not here to push my beliefs, I am here to represent you, the students.

That, is what democracy in this republic is all about.

I am here to give you a voice.

I am here to fight when you feel like giving up.


I'm here to stand up for values like democracy, truth-seeking, civic duty, community, inclusivity, liberty and justice for all - not just the few.


I believe that we must start being more active in our communities.


I believe we should vote with our values, not with party/clique lines.


Most of all, I believe that every single person can make a difference, why? Because I have done it. On campus, and on a state government level.


If we work together, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.


My Goals as President of SGA


-Unite all SGA's within the college

-Increase SGA participation

-Host a leadership conference here at Spring Valley

-Promote transparency by posting SGA and Board of Trustee meeting reports publicly

-Propose income generating solar farming plan

-Propose income generating sustainable housing plan

-Create better feedback mechanisms for students to have a voice

-Find a way to give students power within the upper administration


Learn More about Students for Sensible Drug Policy Roaring Fork Chapter Here.


Email: madeleinekamberg@gmail.com

Telephone: (720) 295-0303

PO BOX 2728

Glenwood Springs CO 81601

I am here to serve you.

Speak up.